Where the F*CK is Q?

Jim Stewartson
5 min readNov 10, 2020




For a quick overview of QAnon, please watch this.

For a more in depth discussion of the harm QAnon causes, this is a good overview.


  • ‘Q’ is not a person. Q is a collaborative live action roleplay or LARP run exclusively from the Russia-hosted website 8kun.
  • ‘QAnon’ is a dangerous cult created from a deliberate psychological attack on the American people, now spreading around the globe.


Q, the LARP, as it has existed since 2017 appears to be dead forever. 🥳

Most indications are that Q has been shelved. More details to come.

#RIPQ #NyetQ #WhereTFIsQ

It should be noted that reviving Q is possible, but will be very difficult at this point for a number of reasons. However, it does appear that the QAnon team is not giving up. But instead of ‘Q’, we will have ‘E’. 🙄


Over the course of the last 24 hours, we were able to banish “E” to Parler.

Who killed Q?

Over the course of the last three months, an ad hoc team of hundreds of actual patriots and friends of democracy who recognized the existential threat to democratic principles posed by this cult have worked to expose and suppress the command-and-control of QAnon:

  • 40+ inside sources, many of whom are still being targeted by the cult
  • Anonymous
  • White hat network analysts
  • Counter-intelligence experts
  • Cult experts
  • Data scientists
  • Former and current government officials
  • Journalists
  • Filmmakers
  • Citizen OSINT researchers

What do we have?

  • Tens of thousands of pieces of hard evidence including emails, text messages, DMs and DM groups, phone calls, discord chats etc.
  • Extensive open source research from thousands of sources.
  • Extensive network maps and analysis of QAnon infrastructure.
  • Large Twitter and Facebook data collections and analysis.
  • Testimony from dozens of inside sources.
  • An extensive timeline of events detailing who, when and what happened that led to this.
  • A database of hundreds of participants, current and former.
  • A large active network of observers and influencers acting in real-time to counteract disinformation and active ops.

Who Was ‘Q’?

Over the last three years, Q has been collaborated on and passed around between dozens grifters, sociopaths, trolls and traitors.

Here is an incomplete list of the people who we believe have participated in creating, strategizing and executing the Q LARP over the years. Many more details to come:

  • Jim Watkins (RQueenInc)
  • Lisa Clapier (Snow White)
  • Thomas Schoenberger (#PatheticHobo)
  • General Michael Flynn (plus extended family and legal team)
  • Ron Watkins (CodeMonkeyZ)
  • Michael Levine
  • Trevor Fitzgibbon
  • Jason Sullivan
  • Sean Stone (son of Oliver)
  • Ezra Cohen-Watnick (Devin Nunes midnight ride guy)
  • Manuel Chavez III (according to him he was involved in the initial concept but not execution)
  • Tygh Simpson (Frank Bacon)
  • Robert David Steele
  • Joel Zamel (Psy-Group)
  • Sacha Stone
  • Iona Miller
  • Michael Aquino
  • Tyla and Doug Gabriel (St Germain Foundation, AIM)
  • Mindy Waite
  • Microchip (Douglas Stewart, plus others)
  • James Brower
  • Gary Miliefsky
  • Jack Posobiec
  • Bill Binney
  • Steve Pieczenik
  • Tracy Diaz (tracybeanz)
  • Coleman Rogers (PamphletAnon)
  • Christina Urso (Radix)
  • Patriots Soapbox
  • Jerome Corsi
  • Infowars
  • OANN
  • Hundreds of other identified accomplices

Note on Watkins and 8kun

After a preliminary two-week investigation this piece was published on August 16th, 2020.

This piece and companion articles achieved over 150,000 views by word of mouth and ignited interest in Jim Watkins and his participation in QAnon. The twitter hashtag #JimWatkinsIsQ was started on the same day.

It should also be said that it is more correct to say Jim Watkins controls Q. No one is Q. He did not have the opportunity, skills or intelligence to conceive and execute QAnon. He and his son stole Q on January 4th 2018, with the help of Tracy Diaz and Coleman Rogers.

He’s had many partners in its execution and operations ever since.

What’s Next?

We are committed to full exposure of QAnon collaborators and *justice for its victims*.

We will not stop until the harm being caused is mitigated and systems are put in place to begin to heal the vast psychological damage done to the American people and people around the world.

We are currently:

  • Working with a number of journalists on stories to expose the history, structure, participants and ongoing operations of QAnon.
  • Conducting ongoing open-source surveillance of QAnon activities and exposing them in real-time.
  • Continuing to develop inside sources.
  • Reporting all criminal activities to law enforcement.

How Can You Help?

First, take care of yourself and your own. Here are a couple of articles that may help:

Second, do not be passive. You have the right to speak out, to counteract disinformation and to encourage victims to reconnect with reality. Do it.

Third if you have tips, ideas or just want to talk, DMs are open:


Thank you

To the researchers, analysts and friends of democracy around the world who have put in untold hours of your time, the sources who have put themselves at risk to speak out, and everyone else who has contributed their skills and intelligence to this ongoing effort:

Thank you. 🙏🖤🏴‍☠️🇺🇸🇺🇳🏳️‍🌈