Tuesday Nov 30th, 2021

Jim Stewartson
3 min readNov 30, 2021


Well this is really bad. Amorphous, ill-stated and unenforceable. The perfect way to silence anyone that Twitter wants to and to provide cover for fascists on other platforms.

As I watch the Twitterverse from the outside, the coordinated attack that took me out came from the same people who have been attacking me for 16 months. I’m documenting their confessions and their trolling of me when I can’t respond. Keep it up guys — enjoy it — we will meet again.

@jack is an anarcho-capitalist but at least he sorta had self-consistency when it came to his free speech maximalism. This new regime appears to be moving in a very bad direction. Silencing me and other activists while allowing overt fascism, anti-vaxx propaganda and threats against lawmakers is a scary trend.

And right on cue. Boebert is a white nationalist member of a fascist cult. If given the chance she will kill people. She already did on 1/6 by cooperating with the insurrectionists.

Hey Will and Mike, I’m going to expose both of you for the fascist ops that you are. As a preview, miraculously Will was the first person to report on PIZZAGATE while he was palling around with Jack Posobiec in 2016. He has been covering for Flynn ever since, including on Maddow last night.

Mike Rothschild is a conspiracy blurb writer who is incredibly dedicated to spreading disinformation about QAnon, including the worst book ever written. The only outlet that gave it a good review is Russia Today. Mike spends a lot of time simping for Russia. Weird.

“Gripping” — Russia Today

Both of them were involved in “Q Slayers” which was run by dangerous Erik Prince operative Douglas Matthew Stewart and MAGA Coalition. Doug Stewart specifically called them out as his allies. Doug Stewart was also involved in the creation and the operation of QAnon.

Will and Mike have a huge footprint on Twitter and a leftist quasi-cult that listens to their bullshit and trolls people like me. Suit up assholes.

While we’re at it, David Gilbert is part of their group. He never does a bit of real reporting. He’s just a stenographer for them.

The only “original” reporting he’s done in the last year is cooperating with Rothschild, Fred Brennan and a bunch of my trolls to generate drama so he could write a hit piece on me in Vice.

Topping it off. He followed me for months and overtly stole my reporting for himself. What a charmer.

Ha. I made it guys. Thank you and tip your wait staff.

He should rename himself to “Dr. Op.”

This guy did commercials for Cambridge Analytica. His sister is connected to numerous Flynn collaborators including Bijan Kian and Nazzer Kazeminy. This POS cannot be a Senator.