This Time I Got Suspended by an Actual Insurrectionist

Jim Stewartson
3 min readJan 4, 2022


I got suspended again. This time was for the above series of tweets. 🙄

Twitter said was this was “targeted harassment and abuse.” Then they changed their mind and said it was “hateful conduct.”

Last time it was for calling Joe Rogan “Steve Bannon’s gimp.” What was it this time? “Bag-of-dicks?” “Shitbag?” “Snowflake?” “Chud?” Has Twitter Support seen Twitter before?

Tony Shaffer is an insurrectionist who works for Bernie Kerik, Mike Flynn and Rudy Giuliani and participated in the planning leading to the attack on 1/6. He’s also one of the most abusive trolls on Twitter, despite his blue check and admits that he does it to get a reaction to get people suspended.

Tony Shaffer targeted me and admitted what he was doing. I even warned Twitter Safety what he was trying to do.

Each of the offending tweets they cited was a reply to Tony Shaffer’s targeted harassment of me and my followers. He’s entire timeline is full of Tony targeting people and calling them pedophiles, sexual predators and felony criminals.

He falsely accused me over and over of being a felon. For the record, I have never been arrested, much less convicted, of anything worse than speeding.

This is the tweet that got it started. I replied to a single comment and he launched into this attack, where he falsely calls me a stalker, a felon who has served time and a sexual predator. So I did a thread to show who he was and what he was doing. I was responding to abuse and hateful conduct.

Tony Shaffer is connected to a who’s who of bad actors, fascists and seditionists and regularly promotes Russian propaganda.

Here’s Tony Shaffer speaking with Mike Flynn and the head of the Oathkeepers, Stewart Rhodes, along with Sidney Powell many dangerous bad actors who have been suspended from Twitter.

Twitter’s reporting and suspension policies are being weaponized by the same people who are trying to destroy democracy. Here are my stats for December 2021. This is the reason I was targeted.

I earned my followers and my influence. I do not abuse or harass people. I have been warning people and providing information about disinformation and fascists for 18 months.

We are approaching the one year anniversary of 1/6. I want my voice back. 🇺🇸