Now, after more time with this, and with the benefit of many, many amazing people that have reached out, here is my message:

Qanon is a death cult preparing for mass violence. It is being run by a group of theocratic fascists, ruthless grifters and literal sociopaths in conjunction with Russian intelligence. Each of these actors is equally hell-bent on creating as much chaos as possible leading up to the election.

For them, like Donald Trump, this election is existential. They will stop at nothing.

It is all of our responsibility to stop the growth of this cult and help the people in it.

We know the identities of the people behind this atrocity. And we know who is helping them amplify their poison. They will be exposed.

In the meantime, we MUST stop the growth of this cult. It is a wildfire rolling up our family and friends and converting them to hateful zombies. This is not an exaggeration.

I encourage everyone who is experiencing this with friends and family, if you are willing, to please respond to this article with your story. We need your voices.

Here’s my story:

I never go to Facebook anymore. It depresses me. There are many people I love there, but recently I can’t bring myself to do it at all. It was far too toxic even before Qanon exploded.

I went there yesterday to post my story about Qanon and say goodbye. I only have a few hundred friends there. When I did, I was inundated with my own family and friends telling me there are losing people to this cult.

  • A woman in her 40s with multiple graduate degrees and a history of progressive politics, will now only respond to her friend with insane anti-semitic rEseArcH and an invitation to watch entry-level mind control videos.
  • People in the spiritual community in Australia being converted to Qanon hate groups. Also folks from Germany, France and several other countries. Many, many friends of friends.
  • Some of my own relatives who have fallen prey. And so many more.

This is not to mention the scores of people I have interacted with on Twitter who tell me their stories. One has had her entire immediate family indoctrinated and she is alone with the nightmare in her own home.

It is rare, but I have spoken with several people who managed to escape on their own. Each one describes emotional and psychological damage they still suffer.

Cults purposefully create a dissociative condition that causes psychological pain when confronted with reality. Unwinding that is very, very hard. It’s like an arrow with a barb that rips you up when you take it out. It’s progressive, the arrow goes deeper every day.

Please realize, the entire cult is predicated on phobia installation and violence desensitization. EVERYTHING is designed to make you simultaneously afraid, angry and prepared for violence.

If you doubt me, find ANY thread in Qwitter and look at the replies. Each and every one of the thousands or tens of thousands of people spewing hate on just that thread has been indoctrinated into this cult.

They are real people who have had their personalities and values stripped away. They are surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people who think and feel the same way. Any dissent is instantly mocked and discarded. It is a serious, dangerous cult. And its growth is explosive.

I can already see the People Affected by Qanon (PAQ) showing me their threads that say “Q says this is a non-violent movement.”

It’s a virtual chant among many of them. Here’s the thing. In NO WAY, does this mean they are peaceful. When you agree that Q decides whether or not the movement is non-violent, you leave it up to him.

ALL cults profess non-violence. Until they don’t.

Recent drops and internal communications shows that this stance is going to change in Qanon. And already has.

I have personally discovered paramilitary cells coordinating with Qanon insiders. I see them prepping.

When Donald Trump said that Qanon cultists “love their country and don’t like what’s happening in Portland” he was pointing the gun.

Last Saturday thousands of Qanon cultists and neo-nazis descended on Portland and pulled the trigger. A journalist had his hand broken by a nazi’s baton. Many others were injured. It was just a test.

And the police and the feds, unlike they do with #BlackLivesMatter protesters, just let it happen.

Here’s what I need everyone to do. Please.

1) TAKE INVENTORY of your friends and family. Figure out who has been, or is being indoctrinated. Most of you will be surprised and saddened at what you find.

2) For every PAQ you know, it is imperative to find someone close them who is not affected and EDUCATE THEM. I will list some resources at the end. Deprogramming is a laborious process and requires trust.

3) PROTECT your loved ones. Let them know how dangerous and seductive this cult is. Do NOT let them “do their own research” on it. The cult has traps everywhere. Twitter’s algorithm sucks you in. Google is SELLING ADS TO MIND CONTROL VIDEOS when you search for Qanon.

4) PROTECT YOURSELF. Do not think you are immune. Stay away.

If you know someone, act now. Cultic influence is progressive. It will get worse.