QAnon is an Attack on Democracy and Must Be Eliminated

Jim Stewartson
15 min readDec 17, 2020


This is a chart developed over several months of investigation. It shows the individuals, functions and relationships of the top leadership of QAnon as currently understood.

This is not a historical review — it is only concerned with the people running QAnon now.

Update: January 12, 2021

I will write a full update soon. But the recent events at the Capitol emphasize the urgency of understanding this operation and shutting it down immediately.

Twitter has done a good job of dismantling most of the major QAnon accounts but the cult has not disappeared. It is moving into the shadows in small alt-right social media networks. In our estimation there are at least thirty million people who believe at least part of the QAnon fiction.

There is a serious danger of violence through the Inauguration and thereafter. Please consider your personal risk factors and plan accordingly.

If you are interested in helping or need help with loved ones, we are building a movement. please DM:

Investigation and Process

This investigation began in early August 2020 by Jim Stewartson who has joined hundreds of fellow patriots in exposing and suppressing this dangerous group. Here is an article summarizing some of our activities.


  • We have collected thousands of pieces of hard evidence including emails, DMs, Discord chats and other comms between these parties.
  • We have conducted an extremely thorough review of the available relevant material online, including on Tor and other dark web networks.
  • We have 60+ sources with inside knowledge of this conspiracy.
  • We have a live network of spotters and white hat network analysts who monitor this network for activity and have mapped its infrastructure, including its reliance on Russian servers and networks.
  • We are allied with high level cult experts creating content and tools to help extract victims and inoculate the public.
  • We have actively eliminated a number of dangerous accounts on Twitter that were being used to spread disinformation for QAnon.
  • We have collectively written numerous articles, done thousands of tweets, hundreds of memes and hashtags, fed stories to many MSM outlets, created a documentary with Financial Times, done a TedX talk on the dangers of QAnon, and are currently cooperating with a well-know network on a QAnon documentary.
  • We are cooperating with Anonymous and a large network of independent researchers. #FreeKirtaner
  • We are cooperating with both counterintelligence and law enforcement.
  • We are running a number of continuing operations to further infiltrate and map QAnon’s leadership.


QAnon is a dangerous mind control cult purposefully created to attack American democracy.

QAnon uses alternate reality game (ARG) mechanics, hypnosis, apophenia, phobia installation, extreme propaganda and a host of other techniques to traumatize, indoctrinate and radicalize victims.

Please see these articles for more detail:

Social media networks, barely fifteen years old, now represent a huge unregulated interface into almost every human’s most personal thoughts and relationships.

These networks, particularly Facebook and Twitter, are in a singular quest for growth. In the process they have allowed their platforms to be weaponized against their own users. This is the fundamental flaw being exploited by QAnon.

QAnon is not organic. It is a planned psychological operation (psyop) being conducted on the American people. It is managed and executed by domestic traitors, including people in the White House up to and including POTUS, for Russian and Saudi masters.

QAnon is a serious national security risk. While we have been successful in helping to minimize organized violence so far, the risk continues to rise as the victims become more and more confused and radicalized by the news and intentional incitement by the leadership of the cult.

QAnon represents a massive propaganda network that has already been weaponized to spread disinformation at astonishing scale. As the threats to “declassify everything” continue, it is clear that QAnon will be used to pervert and amplify classified information releases, cf. Wikileaks in 2016.

Our goal is to reduce the amount of harm being done and to start the process of informing and healing victims. In our estimation there at least ten million people deeply entrenched in the cult with at least 20 million more on the fringe. The damage is not only to the victims but to their families and friends who are traumatized as well.

“Q” Historical Summary

Origins 2016–2017

In August 2016 Joel Zamel’s Psy-Group presented a $3M proposal to Don Jr, Kushner and others to perform a psyop using social media “characters” and “avatars” to support the election of Donald Trump.

In November 2016, convicted pedophile and Kushner ally George Nader paid Zamel $2M for undisclosed reasons. NOTE: The fiction of QAnon is based on calling all of Trump’s political enemies “pedophiles.”

(Taken from Psy-Group proposal taking credit for 2016 NC Primary victory.)

Throughout 2017, there were numerous LARPs (Live Action Role Playing characters) on the notorious website 4chan. These LARPs were ALL characters that were fanatic Trump supporters, extremely racist and anti-Semitic, and portrayed themselves as some sort of government operative with inside knowledge. Examples include FBIAnon, CIAAnon, Meganon, PDAnon. These can be seen as rough drafts of “Q”.

In September of 2017, Manuel Chavez aka defango, who had been working on the ARG Cicada3301 and was likely involved in these early LARPs as well, set up a Discord (chat) server. Chavez claims that “Q” was his idea and this server was set up specifically for that purpose although he has no proof of this.

Regardless, infamous trolls Microchip and Spicci were invited to the server in addition to MAGA3X operative James Brower. They were (and still are) behind some of the most powerful and vicious online harassment campaigns and controlled a vast network of weaponized trolls. They were undoubtedly well paid, probably by Psy-Group.

Psy-Group went bankrupt in 2018, but Zamel is still very much in business:

Here’s Microchip running an op from 4chan a few days before QAnon started:

And here is Spicci last week, trolling your humble correspondent after I called him out. Sorry you got suspended Spicci :)

Identifying these trolls, documenting who paid them and why is critical to eliminating this threat.

“Q1” Oct-Nov 2017

In October 2017, the idea for “Q Clearance Patriot” was born on Chavez’s Discord server and Microchip posted to 4chan on October 31st which came to be known as the first “Q drops.”

NOTE: There is some controversy here about the validity of the “Discord logs” that were produced showing this activity. In my opinion the logs are real but edited for appearances. Regardless, this activity is corroborated by several independent sources, as well as significant circumstantial evidence. This in no way relies on Discord logs.

Within two days, a host of right wing trolls and grifters began to amplify this LARP. Among the first was Tracy Diaz an extremist grifter who has been making a living from QAnon ever since. As the buzz grew, more people joined the server with Microchip, Spicci and Brower. This included people associated with Infowars, 8chan, Michael Flynn, Cicada3301 and Thomas Schoenberger.

Microchip claims he left after the “first 4–5 drops” which is consistent with style changes to the text.

“Q” then began posting references to movies and characters as well as pseudo-governmental predictions. These included repeated references to “Snow White” who is a Twitter LARP run by Lisa Clapier. Her job was to recruit people from Cicada3301, an ARG that was “gamejacked” (stolen) by Thomas Schoenberger that also influenced “Q”.

Here is the official Cicada video channel, run by Lisa Clapier before and after QAnon started — the text changed some time between 8/26-10/19/2018.

Here is the actual creator of the 2017 Cicada puzzles discussing the gamejacking of Cicada among many other things:

NOTE: Lisa Clapier appears to have been compromised during a stretch in prison for fraud between 2007–2010. She has been infiltrating and weaponizing American social movements ever since, including Occupy, Anonymous, Unify, Thrive, NODAPL, Standing Rock, Cicada, and QAnon.

She also regularly confesses both publicly and privately.

“Q2” Nov 2017-August 2018

On November 25th 2017, Tracy Diaz, Coleman Rogers, Jerome Corsi, Paul Furber and a number of other grifters and operatives gained control of “Q.” They then schemed with Jim and Ron Watkins, owner/operators of the 4chan ripoff “8chan” (now 8kun) to move the LARP to to their website, where they would have more control.


They moved to 8chan in December 2017, posted a few times and took a break over the holidays. Then on January 5th 2018, “Q” — via Ron Watkins — removed Paul Furber from the group and gained control of the 8chan bulletin board where Q lived, handing control to Tracy and Coleman who immediately formed the company Patriots Soapbox to make money from it.

Importantly, “Q” declared then that it would never post anywhere other than 8chan. This cemented the Watkins involvement (and ultimately painted QAnon into a corner.)

Jerome Corsi was an Infowars contributor and very close associate of Roger Stone. This means that Roger Stone had direct knowledge of and ability to influence “Q” from the beginning.

From January to August 2018 Corsi, Patriots Soapbox and the Watkins controlled and authored “Q”. This was very likely with the help of Ezra Cohen-Watnick (ECW) who was parked at Oracle from Sept 2017 to Apr 2018.

The role of ECW during this period is inferred but extremely well correlated. “Q” has referred to ECW on several occasions and on the day he was assigned to work in Jeff Sessions’ office in April 2018, “Q” posted “IT’S HAPPENING”.

The evidence of his involvement more recently is also extensive. More detail here:

Additionally, General Michael Flynn, who confessed to illegally communicating with the Russians and lying to the FBI took full advantage of QAnon from the beginning. His legal defense fund was largely filled by contributions from QAnon victims, and he hired a QAnon devotee, Sidney Powell, as his lawyer. Flynn’s family has been on Patriots Soapbox numerous times starting in early 2018 to plead Flynn’s case and solicit donations.

Flynn trademarked “Digital Soldiers” in 2016 and this meme has infused QAnon since the start. Any casual look at QAnon social media accounts will yield a very large percentage of bios with #DigitalSoldier and/or three stars, which represent Flynn’s status as Lt General.

Here he is collaborating with a bunch of QAnon insiders this summer. Pardon my language. I was upset that no one was paying attention to Flynn. Suffice it to say, he has proven my point since then:

In August 2018, Jack Posobiec began an operation to identify Microchip as the originator of “Q”. Posobiec created a number of videos during this period, threatening to “expose Q as a hoax” and identified Thomas Schoenberger as someone involved with QAnon.

By then, Lisa Clapier aka @SnowWhite7IAM aka Pistis Sophia had managed to infiltrate and become part of the “Q” core team.

NOTE: Clapier appears to be Schoenberger’s handler as she provides him the attention he requires as a narcissist, as well as paying his bills. Schoenberger can now be seen as running “dark ops” for QAnon.

Schoenberger and Clapier are experts at “mindfucking” people to indoctrinate them. However, Thomas takes particular pleasure in torturing people into mental hospitals and several times it appears, to death. Mindy Waite is their enforcer and fixer. She is an expert at playing victim and threatening enemies.

Clapier is also good friends with Jason Sullivan and Oliver Stone’s son Sean, who does production and voiceover for QAnon videos.

Here is Sean Stone in 2015 interviewing literal Satanic pedophile Michael Aquino who was also a psyops expert and mentor to Jim Watkins and Thomas Schoenberger.

“Q3” August 2018-Nov 2020

In August 2018, there was a major shift in QAnon authorship. The quality of the Q drops seemed to diminish, despite “Q” saying “Previews are over. SHOWTIME!” Patriots Soapbox and Infowars were both excommunicated from the inner circle although Patriots Soapbox continues to grift off of QAnon 24/7 to this day.

NOTE: Right around this time, a number of new stories came out simultaneously. For example, NBC did an exposé on Patriots Soapbox at precisely the time they were being removed as “Q.”

This was disinformation planted with reporters to distract from those continuing to operate QAnon. By that I mean, this story is mostly true, but it serves the opposite purpose it’s intended to.

On September 5th, 2018 Posobiec ran a story discrediting “Q” as a hoax. Microchip took credit for starting QAnon although the “New Q” denied it. Very few of the people participating in QAnon seemed to notice any of this at all.

At this point Jim and Ron Watkins was working with a different team which included Flynn, Lisa Clapier, ECW, Dave Hayes, Tygh Simpson and others to produce Q drops.

More details here:

NOTE: In late 2018, Parler became the go to social network for right wing extremists and as Twitter became more aggressive with suspensions, Parler became more popular, despite it’s very sketchy ownership and security policies. It currently plays a big role in maintaining QAnon’s popularity.

QAnon became the main event on 8chan during 2018 and 2019, eclipsing the usual anime, child porn, nazi indoctrination material and incel propaganda that had ruled the site.

In July 2019, as gun violence erupted everywhere, 8chan also became the go to place to watch white supremacist mass murders, including the Christchurch massacre. “Anons” celebrated the shooters and encouraged others to copy them.

In August 2019, 8chan’s US hosting services were shut down and in September Watkins was hauled into Congress to answer questions about his relationship with “foreign intelligence agencies”. He wore a “Q” pin on his lapel. Watkins went on Posobiec’s OANN show the next day to talk about the First Amendment. OANN has been a major promoter and co-conspirator ever since.

Ron Watkins, with the help of “Vanwatech” CEO Nick Lim, who appears to be a cutout for the GRU, managed after 3 months to set up a copy of 8chan, now called 8kun, on Russian servers. “Q” sputtered back to life in December 2019 although the hunger for it had hardly diminished.

In early 2020, as the pandemic started to hit, with protests erupting and the election around the corner, QAnon shifted into a different gear.

Through the first half of 2020, with hundreds of millions of Americans stuck at home in front of their devices, QAnon exploded in popularity. The structure of QAnon solidified and became more efficient. Millions of people poured into QAnon groups on Facebook and into the vast maw of Qwitter. Largely they were just curious about the “mysterious Q thing” they’d heard about.

However, instead of being discussions about a mystery, these groups exploited and perverted untested algorithms into well-oiled industrial brainwashing machines.

New converts are immediately showered with friendship, followers and encouragement to create content, as long as it fits the current accepted doctrine of QAnon. Non-conformists are instantly identified and rejected. There is no real dissent in QAnon.

Victims are then required to “do your research” which is a slickly designed indoctrination curriculum that includes being immersed in graphic fictional descriptions of child rape, cannibalism and other horrors.

This is traumatic — especially to women. The trauma dissociates the victim which is the required basis for cultic influence. This is mass psychological violence and repairing the damage will be a generational project.

Moreover, the groups and Twitter threads themselves serve to install phobias and amplify prejudices designed to create the maximum amount of hatred and fear of QAnon’s targeted groups.

Ultimately, QAnon is a white supremacist cult because white supremacy is the most painful, divisive issue in America. Pain and division in America is the goal of QAnon.

Through 2020, QAnon grew, intensified and started to branch out offline. Protests, anti-mask violence, militias and other violent strains of the cult came forward. Flynn, buoyed by the DOJ’s cooperation with Sidney Powell, revived his “Digital Soldiers” brand and started putting out nazi-adjacent screeds perfectly targeted at inciting QAnon.

Flynn’s true coming out party came when his pardon did. He is now openly promoting QAnon, sedition and violence. He is collaborating with Trump (who buzzed Flynn’s speech in Marine One multiple times at a rally near the White House on 12/12/20), Powell, extremist right-wing lawyer Lin Wood, Ron Watkins, Tracy Diaz, Jason Sullivan and a host of others to try to overthrow a verified presidential election.

Mike Flynn is currently engaged in active treason and should be exposed in the press and arrested immediately. He is a dangerous theocratic fascist compromised by both Putin and Erdogan. There is no reason to believe he will stop short of active violence.

“Q4” Present

EyeTheSpy (now known as “E”) was a Twitter LARP started in 2018 by Jason Sullivan, self-proclaimed “Wizard of Twitter” and Roger Stone’s “Twitter Guy”. He is in business with Bill Binney, ex-technical director of the NSA and frequent guest on RT. Along with E he runs “Oz” currently operating as @OzRestored.

E has had numerous suspensions because it tends to post content that is either fake, illegal or offensive which is unsurprising considering Sullivan works for Roger Stone. Regardless, its history is well documented, including its clear attempt at a connection to Cicada3301 through imagery and videos supplied by Lisa Clapier.

In February 2020, E posted an email from Bill Binney to “ECW” and the account has been actively promoting its connection to ECW ever since, including predicting ECW’s promotion to #4 at the Pentagon five days ahead of time. E also makes clear its connection to Mike Flynn who has validated the account numerous times.

The account also made a very big show of its connection to Jim Watkins — once we exposed Jim Watkins as connected to Q. It also previewed Bill Binney’s appearance on Twitter and highlighted Jason Sullivan. In other words, he highlighted himself.

Here is more detail on Jason Sullivan’s connections to this network and his control of the E account. This turned out to be an adventure:

E was ready to be the next Q, starting after the election. It proved on numerous occasions that it had foreknowledge and influence over future Q drops and had a large following on Twitter to give it a head start. It also spent considerable resources on hypnotic video content to indoctrinate its audience.

On election day, Q called it quits when Ron Watkins resigned from 8kun. The Q LARP went into archive mode and E posted a number of ominous signals of its emergence. Unfortunately for them, we anticipated this move and had the account suspended five times over 24 hours just as it was getting started. It then retreated to Parler in anger.

A week later on Nov 12, it tried again, under the Twitter account “TheSecondPhase”. We had that account suspended as well. Six hours later “Q” angrily posted “NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT’S COMING” which was also the last message posted by E. This publicly announced the handoff from Q to E, who is now stuck on Parler.

NOTE: The last Q drop was a MAGA supercut video on Dec 8 2020 played over “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Twisted Sister.

On Dec 2 2020, it appears that Jason Sullivan gave up control of the E LARP now that it has been relegated to Parler.

While somewhat speculative, there is good reason to believe that the E LARP was handed off Microchip, the troll who was the original Q, possibly under the direction of Zamel. Spicci is back on Twitter as well and appears to be reviving his troll army.

It appears they are trying to set up a situation similar to “Q1” with Microchip running a LARP on Parler instead of 4chan. Additionally it seems more focused on distributing disinformation and inciting violence rather than indoctrinating new members.

Simultaneously, Flynn has been going on numerous QAnon programs to brag about his pardon and tease the audience about “new capabilities” coming to the movement very soon. He has embraced Tracy Diaz and raised over $200,000 for her when she had a house fire (for which she was insured.)

The QAnon conspiracy seems to be collapsing into a single anti-democratic movement led by Flynn, with (literal) air cover from Trump. It may be smaller than QAnon, but it will be far more radical, far more organized, and even more dangerous.

The traitors behind this psyop, which is at its core mass psychological torture, must be exposed and incarcerated. They are a danger, not only to millions of individuals around the world, but to the idea of democracy itself.

Thank you again to the countless patriots in this fight. 🙏🏴‍☠️🇺🇸