Monday Nov 29, 2021 #G*mpGate, Sheltering in Place

Jim Stewartson
6 min readNov 30, 2021


TRIGGER WARNING: Heavy use of the word g*mp.

Twitter, in its infinite wisdom, permanently suspended me for using the word “gimp” about Joe Rogan. I am on my third [now fourth] appeal.

My deepest gratitude to the folks that have been storming Twitter with #FreeJimStewartson and reaching out to me separately. I see you. It means a lot to me. Thank you. ✊🏼

If you didn’t follow me on Twitter. I started investigating QAnon on August 2, 2020. I had 300 followers. When I got suspended, I had written 40k tweets, over a million words, primarily in deeply sourced threads. I had posted 8,000 pieces of media.

I’m going to use Medium for now. I guess maybe I’ll do a running blog so at least my work is somewhere.

NOTE: Feel free to use any receipts you find here. If you want to credit me I appreciate it but as long as you’re not stealing a whole story everything else is fair game.

I am pissed beyond words but the fact that they’re coming after me is all I need to know. I am not deterred. Here are a shitload of saved threads. No video, but most of my major threads and screenshots are intact.

I just have to say this. Perhaps Joe Rogan is extremely sensitive about something. I don’t know. But it is beyond ridiculous that I was reporting on Rogan’s descent into hyper-macho neo-nazi propaganda and he is so beta and traumatized by a common word that he sent his trolls out to report me.

Additionally, it has come to my attention that some of my old frens are dancing on my grave. Some of them are supposed to report on or at least care about disinformation. They don’t. And we will meet again.

Meanwhile I was suspended pretty much at the same time @jack quit — which is weird. No idea if he did someone a favor on the way out the door or what, but lots of the people I report on have been or are his friends.

Ali, Posobiec, Musk, Thiel, Rogan… Jack has been showing his anarcho-capitalist colors for a while now. Maybe he’s Peter Thiel’s gimp? 🤷‍♂️

Anyway, I’ll enjoy my time away from the toxic shitshow for a bit I guess, but make no mistake, this was an intentional takedown. Search for “gimp” on Twitter. Lots of accounts to suspend I guess?

In the meantime, this psychological war continues unabated. Mike Flynn and his allies brainwash our citizens and indoctrinate our kids into suicidal and homicidal behavior. The fascists are winning. And they are taking pieces off the board.

And look, here is Will Sommer who is at best completely full of shit misinforming the public on Rachel. He mentioned with a giggle the “Satanic prayer.”

He says Flynn “winks” at QAnon. Are you fucking kidding me?


Look, Mike Flynn is Q to the extent there ever was one. I have documented all of it in extreme detail ON TWITTER.

I get suspended and the same day Will Sommer — who has blocked me for a year — goes on Rachel to lie through his teeth about Flynn’s involvement and my work? The fuck is going on here?

The idea that Mike Flynn told Lin Wood a lie about his involvement in QAnon and this somehow makes him not involved in Q is insane. It makes no sense. It like when reporters asked Flynn about it and he said “ What? Blue Anon?”

Mike Flynn is a professional liar. Literally his job was to mindfuck entire populations. It still is — just for the other side. He knew Lin Wood was not going to end up on the island so he bullshitted him about the truth. How does this change anything about the OVERT control Mike Flynn has had over this operation for five years?

This is disinformation. Why is Will Sommer promoting it?

Ahhh, Medium has an edit button. AMAZING TECHNOLOGY.

Oooh this meme has caught my attention. Whoever did this ilu. 🥰

And this omg, Lin Wood’s Horse you captured it all lmfaooooo 💙

And for the third fucking time. They send me a form letter. With no explanation whatsoever.

Fuck it. I’m going to write a piece called “Mike Flynn is Q You FUCKING MORONS” just to make sure no one covers it.

And in the meantime this psycho, who literally works for Erik Prince, is free to extend the nazi psyop that Fauci is just like Mengele. But sure, I called a gimp a gimp.

This is true. Each of the people mentioned here plus many more involved in the Seth Rich op were connected to fascist traitor Mike Flynn and/or Erik Prince — including Wikileaks.

Thank you “USA TODAY NEWS” — whoever you are! — for the STELLAR HEADLINE. No I’m serious. This goes in a frame.

I wrote a piece about the dangerous propaganda Joe Rogan posted that got me suspended. There’s a reason I criticized him for it. It’s nazi shit and he knows better.

Hey I continue to make “the news” lmao

In this article I stopped when the author — who served in Afghanistan for five years described me as “someone on the internet” with regards to Flynn reciting an occult prayer in a Christian church. Then he talked about Flynn at the Church of Glad Tidings when I was also the source for that.

This article is a whitewash of a traitor. Seems like Flynnie is trying clean up on aisle Satan.