Joe Rogan Posted Neo-Nazi Propaganda — And Got Me Suspended

Jim Stewartson
5 min readNov 30, 2021


Full disclosure: Until yesterday, I still held out hope for Joe Rogan. I have been a fan of UFC for a long time and he is an excellent commentator. In years past, his podcast was often an interesting place even when it got kind of fashy, because Joe seemed to have a semi-balanced view.

That started changing at some point and accelerated when he smoked weed with the richest man on Earth. Now his podcast is just straight up cult shit. Spreading anti-vaxx, fascist, and anarcho-capitalist dogma as far as Spotify will amplify it.

Yesterday, I see Rogan spreading incredibly dangerous neo-nazi ideology and tweet a thread about it.

This stuff is extremely dark. The “Kali Yuga” is a Hindu concept that has been appropriated and is used extensively in fascist esoteric ideology.

It’s used by Julius Evola who advised Hitler. It’s used by “Putin’s Propagandist” Aleksandr Dugin who is a “nazbol” — literally nazi bolshevik.

It’s used by a strain of white nationalist esoteric “traditionalism” that drives Steve Bannon, who is overtly inspired by both Evola and Dugin. Bannon’s belief in the “Kali Yuga” is fascist, not Hindu. The chart that Rogan shows is the lie that drove the incel movement, Gamergate, “red pill,” “men’s rights” and ultimately the alt-right — all of which were either weaponized or created by Bannon.

The lie is that there are “strong men” who need to eliminate “weak men” through “hard times” in order to save the world. That’s Hitler shit and Rogan knows it.

The “hard times” in the chart is the “Kali Yuga” according to Rogan which is the equivalent to all other doomsday bullshit — Apocalypse, End Times, Comet Hale-Bopp, etc.

Fascists use this to indoctrinate the idea that in order to achieve… order, you must first survive through chaos. But — good thing for you! — you have SeCret kNowLedgE and you will do just fine, as long as you follow the doctrine. In this case the doctrine is be “manly” aka “authoritarian.”

The O9A, or Order of Nine Angles — which is a Satanic cult connected to Michael Aquino and numerous other nazi groups — is responsible for several murders and is connected to American nazis like Atomwaffen and its spawn. All of the ideas Rogan promoted are present in this ideology as well.

This is an important piece on Atomwaffen and SIEGE, which is a kind of neo-nazi bible.

The Kali Yuga can be seen throughout Nazi esoteric texts and the various toxic brews.

With its “Library” page, S-C extends that guide through a trove of texts on racial terror. Many present ludicrous visions of the white race fighting epic battles against immense opposition. Texts from Völkisch and Nazi esotericists, like Guido von List and Savitri Devi, sit alongside the Bhagavad Gita, valued for its predictions of the Kali Yuga, or the “Age of Vice.”

Savitri Devi was the leader of “Esoteric Hitlerism” which is exactly what it sounds like. Here are a couple of examples of Kali Yuga on radicalization platform Telegram.

Using Kali Yuga is like using “Nordic runes” — like this one on the cover of Julius Evola’s ultra fascist “Handbook for Right Wing Youth.” The rune is the Valknut which is the same one on the chest of white nationalist cult member “QAnon Shaman” who stormed the Capitol on January 6th.

Tattooing a swastika is still tough on anyone, so they go with this sort of signaling instead.

So, Joe Rogan, who claims to be a free speech advocate, is so burnt up by my tweets about this, or someone who supports him was, that they report my use of the word “gimp” to describe the relationship between Steve Bannon who promotes the Kali Yuga and Joe Rogan as “hateful conduct.”

It should be noted that you can search “Twitter GIFs” for it.

Joe Rogan hosted @jack, fascist propagandist Tim Pool, and the head of Twitter Safety in 2019. What’s going on here?

Is it really true — somehow — that using a common, silly word to criticize a guy for spreading neo-nazi propaganda is worse than the guy spreading neo-nazi propaganda? Please feel free to share and comment.