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14 min readAug 16, 2020


The man behind Qanon is a vile hate-merchant coordinating with OANN, Flynn and Russian intelligence.

If you or someone you care about is under the influence of Qanon, please visit this link.

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This document is split into two parts, for different audiences.

PART I is the high-level story of the origins of Qanon intended for people directly involved.

PART II is a more analytical view of the confluence of Russian and domestic enemy actors and how they represent a major threat to the 2020 elections. There are receipts. Also less cursing.


This document was inspired by the spectacle of Chanel Rion of OANN puppeting a Russian operation (the antifa.com DNS hack) first seen in the bowels of Qanon, in the actual White House briefing room.

What follows is a theory of how that happened based on publicly available material and experience. I am not a journalist and I have no access to non-public or classified material. This document gets updated as new information arrives.


Jim Watkins is a grifter, a literal traitor, and ‘Q’

Dear people directly affected by the cult / alternate reality game known as QAnon:

You are being exploited by Jim Watkins and Russian intelligence, in conjunction with a pack of traitors, grifters, amoral politicians, and plutocrats who do not care about any of you.

Jim Watkins runs 8kun and has been ‘Q’ since at least the Great Blackout of 2019.

For the uninitiated, this was a THREE MONTH period of time when 8chan went down, and the ”government intelligence operative” you pretend to believe in could not figure out how to use Twitter or whatever.

This “insider” had to wait for Jim Watkins, a washed-up, racist pig farmer and [NSFW] t-shirt merchant hiding in the Philipines, to strap his shitty bulletin board back together with smoke signals and Russian money.

Before that it was both Jim AND the venal grifters at Patriot Soapbox running Q, but Jim seems to have figured out how to cut them out when he got yanked off the internet for allowing mass murders to be broadcast on his website.

Because of that, he was questioned by Congress about his connections to Russian intelligence and the weaponization of disinformation from his website, which is precisely what is currently happening to you.

Currently, the Soapbox crew are probably just guessing along with the rest of you what the fuck Q has in mind when he suddenly wants you to take up yoga. Jim Watkins is a big fan of yoga.

Also, during that time, Jim was doing a deal with the Russians to provide them with information about ALL OF YOU so they could target you on social media. Every time you look at a Drop, it’s running on shady Russian infrastructure, which means they have eyes on you.

How do you guys think this is all coordinated? Why do you get bombarded with this shit that not very ago you wouldn’t have believed if you were more wasted than you’ve ever been in your life?

Also, the Russians are helping Jim package up his bullshit into perfectly snackable pieces, and shove them Drop by Drop down all of your throats. Why do you think he relocated to the Philippines?

They’ve been amplifying this garbage since they ran into Coleman Rogers at Patriot Soapbox who wanted to “brand and monetize the anon movement” in 2017–8 which sounded good to the Russians because it comprised some of the most poisonous shit on the internet, which could be subsequently weaponized AGAINST YOU.

OANN, Chanel Rion, and Jack ‘Literal Nazi’ Pobosiec are all extreme grifters who have sold out to Russia in order to FUNNEL THEIR TERRIBLE BULLSHIT into the public consciousness, the White House briefing room and Donald Trump’s increasingly enfeebled mind FOR MONEY.

BTW, he is not a God-King, people. He’s a sociopath with extreme psychological issues that render him incapable of empathy or shame.

Why do you think the country is such a shitshow? Who’s in charge here? The only storm coming is this fucking virus and a global depression. Vote for Trump if you want, but please do not worship him.

Most of you are well-meaning and non-violent. All of you support the military. Well, please read this from WEST POINT explaining how violence has and can continue to happen in Qanon:

Listen, I know you have all been chanting about how peaceful you are lately, but that is actually not a good sign. What are you instinctively distancing yourself from, if you are?

We all have issues, right? But everyone loves someone. Perhaps someone you would prefer not to live in an authoritarian hellscape?

Seriously, the people running this game are just fine if you die from a virus, or poverty, or a hurricane or anything else, AS LONG AS THEY RETAIN POWER.

This is a game that plays YOU.

Stop letting it.

OK, if you’ve made it this far, please take a moment and think about this. Does what I’ve said ring a least a little bit true, or will you continue to insist that every single prediction Q has gotten dead wrong is 52-dimensional chess?

It’s always ok to change your mind.


Russian Intelligence is Currently Using Qanon to Interfere with the 2020 Elections


TL;DR: There are long-standing and well documented links between Qanon, 8kun/Jim Watkins, OANN/Chanel Rion/Pobosiec, Michael Flynn, and POTUS, all of whom are being enabled and amplified by Russian intelligence. The recent antifa.com hack which was promoted by Qanon insiders three hours in advance of showing up at the White House briefing room, proves these connections have been operationalized.


  • Jim Watkins MUST BE EXPOSED widely and loudly enough to take him and his website down by law enforcement.
  • Michael Flynn MUST BE EXPOSED. There is currently critical litigation happening regarding his case.
  • OANN MUST BE EXPOSED as a front for Russian propaganda.
  • The American public and the people brainwashed by this cult MUST BE INFORMED.
  • Those responsible for election security MUST TAKE THIS THREAT SERIOUSLY.


For brevity, I am stating what I believe to be true without caveats and doublespeak. I am not a journalist and there are likely factual errors. Please, by all means, correct them in the comments.


2016 Russian election interference was real and serious. It employed botnets and hacks and Facebook ad targeting and many other forms of social media manipulation. It certainly had enough influence to swing the electoral college to Trump.

However, 2020 is a whole new ballgame. Russian intel has been working to establish a pipeline from the darkest right-wing reaches of the internet directly to the American people.

They have been WILDLY successful. They have infiltrated the Qanon cult and are minimally influencing/informed by, if not outright directing/coordinating with, ‘Q’.

NOTE: The Gang of 8 was recently informed of “serious, specific threats” to the election from the Russian government that they have been muzzled from describing.

It is likely that some or all of these connections were part of that briefing.



Jim Watkins (@RQueenInc) is an international criminal threat and must be arrested immediately. He is a virulent racist and a theocratic fascist who has promoted and enabled extremism for many years.

Jim is currently both running the dangerous website that Q posts on, 8kun, AND ACTUALLY POSTING AS Q. He is working with Russian intelligence to help influence the 2020 election.

Let me be clear, since at least November 2019, Jim Watkins IS Q. He was likely involved from the start with the criminal grifters who run Patriot Soapbox, but after 8chan got nuked in August 2019, Patriots Soapbox were at least marginalized, if not completely cut out.

There are many reasons for this, both direct and circumstantial. This TikTok is a good and hilarious starting place.

Russian intelligence has been pushing Qanon for years using bots and other forms of manipulation.

After failing to stand up his website THROUGH THE CHINESE, Watkins finally managed get back online with the help of Russians, likely in exchange for influence and information about Qanon and all of its participants.

Here is a deeply technical article explaining the Russian services used to prop up 8chan:

Jim Watkins was grilled after Poway, one of three mass murders broadcast live on 8chan, by Congress ABOUT connections to Russian intelligence, which he described during a video interview with Pobosiec of OANN in August 2019.

Jim’s Twitter feed is riddled with Russophilic posts, videos and retweets. He is on a constant campaign to “Free Julian Assange.” Several accounts that he nearly always retweets are almost exclusively focused on Russia-friendly content and public health disinformation.

Also, there has not been enough attention paid to Frederick Brennan who has recently said that he believes Jim Watkins is Q. Frederick built 8chan. He has deep knowledge of Jim and his activities, but Jim has had the Philipine Government issue a warrant for his arrest.

There is a reason that Jim has this level of influence over an authoritarian government with deep ties to Russia.

Jim Watkins is the central figure behind Qanon. He is working with the Russians to destroy American democracy. He is a traitor and a national security threat. He MUST be taken down.


OANN is a front for Russian propaganda.

This could not be more clear from their behavior.

@ChanelRion was born into a shady family and has followed her father’s example to be one of the most active chaos agents in the media. And just to square the circle on what’s going on here. In June 2020, Chanel Rion went on PATRIOTS SOAPBOX and said this:

I have no comment on Q or Q’s identity. But, you know, this is something that, you know, Q — Q is Q anonymous for a reason, for a very good reason, and I think that people need to respect that and if, you know, that’s something that needs to be brought up by Q if he wants us — if they want to stay anonymous, they should stay anonymous, and if they want to reveal themselves, they should reveal themselves.

— Chanel Rion, OANN

To be very clear here, Chanel Rion is claiming to know Q’s identity ON THE SHOW WHERE Q USED TO LIVE. She is putting HERSELF in the game. And, mark my words, she will play a big part in it.

@Pobosiec is a vile nazi and OANN ‘reporter’ who has his own well-established connections to Russian intelligence.

Also, it should be noted that Qanon’s content strategy was largely modeled on “Pizzagate”, the dumbest of all conspiracies, which Qanon subsequently incorporated in its entirety. Jack Pobosiec was the primary promoter of Pizzagate.

The relationship between OANN and Jim Watkins is obvious and long-standing as seen in the interview with Pobosiec. However, they also interact on Twitter, including this one where Watkins directs Qanon participants: “This needs to be turned into @OANN”

QDrop #2123 9/9/2018 includes “THINK OANN”

This drop was in the thick of drama between Infowars and Patriot Soapbox, in which InfoWars was deemed not quite grifty enough. They subsequently got into a public fight because Coleman Rogers aka “Pamphlet Anon” said he wanted to “brand and monetize” Qanon which was not to InfoWar’s liking.

Apparently, OANN was already waiting in the wings to TAKE OVER for InfoWars as the media mouthpiece for Q in 2018.


Michael Flynn is a racist lunatic whose deep, long-lasting connections to Russia are extremely well reported. Despite CONFESSING to participating in Russian interference, he is being protected AT ALL COSTS by Trump.

Michael Flynn has deeply permeated the Qanon cult. Any casual stroll through Qwitter reveals a very large percentage of bios and handles with THREE STARS. This represents loyalty to Michael Flynn, a retired 3-star General. He is regarded as a hero and a demi-god, second only to Trump.

Michael Flynn has jumped into his role with both feet. He appears in numerous Drops, taken the Qanon “Oath” on VIDEO.

More recently, has written a truly batshit screed that is deeply connected to both his theocratic fascist beliefs and Qanon. The letter includes this call to his followers:

“We do not and should not ever allow anarchy and the evil forces behind it to operate on any street in our nation.” — Michael Flynn

This raises the frightening possibility that Flynn is going to ascend, either AS Q, or associated with him, and INSTRUCT HIS FOLLOWERS to do god-knows-what.

Given that this twisted belief system incorporates guns, extreme religious views, obsession with pedophiles, and every other call to intense emotion imaginable, this is a powder keg. At a minimum, I expect Flynn will instruct his followers to interfere with voting on Election Day.


Donald Trump is not only aware of Qanon but has winked, nodded and ACTIVELY PROMOTED Qanon on Twitter.

On 8/14/20, he was asked whether he denounces Qanon, AND HE POINTEDLY AND REPEATEDLY REFUSED TO DO SO which was celebrated in the Qniverse despite the prior prediction that he would confirm their beliefs.

He has retweeted HUNDREDS of Q-related accounts. He is the ultimate God-King of Qanon and Qwitter may be the one place in the world other than a Cabinet meeting where he receives the adoration he requires in order to stay psychologically functional. This is in no way an exaggeration.

As he gets more desperate, Trump will make more direct calls to the Qanon cult, which is increasingly BECOMING HIS BASE. Pause here, and take that in.

Trump’s connections to Russia… well, you already know about those.


At 12:47PST on 8/12/20 @PrayingActress posted that the antifa.com website shows joebiden.com, with a declaration that this proves that “Joe Biden is using enemy combatants”.

To my knowledge, this is the first time that this crude DNS hack hosted FROM RUSSIAN SERVERS was seen on the internet.

@PrayingActress is almost certainly an alt of @PrayingMedic, a huge and notorious Qwitter account. In addition, this account appears to be on the inner circle of Q retweeters, a well coordinated network whose topology can be seen using public Twitter data collection and network visualizations.

This article clearly shows that this was a Russian intel operation.

THREE HOURS LATER, Chanel Rion, the Russia-employed “reporter” from OANN in the WHITE HOUSE BRIEFING ROOM asked a leading question about the hack, including asking whether Biden should “renounce Antifa”. This was the second day in a row Rion was granted a question.

Here is a Q account celebrating the OANN question with a clip to the video. Chanel Rion has always been a promoter of Q, but this has elevated her to elite status in the Qommunity:


The above is a SMALL SUBSET of the available publicly available evidence that there is a serious and ongoing link between Jim Watkins, Russian intelligence, Michael Flynn, OANN, and the president of the United States.

This pipeline of disinformation will continue and may soon lead to escalating physical confrontation and violence.

Please pay attention and do your part.


  • Jim Watkins MUST BE EXPOSED widely and loudly enough to take him and his website down by law enforcement.
  • Michael Flynn MUST BE EXPOSED. There is currently critical litigation happening regarding his case.
  • OANN MUST BE EXPOSED as a front for Russian propaganda.
  • The American public and the people brainwashed by this cult MUST BE INFORMED.
  • Those responsible for election security MUST TAKE THIS THREAT SERIOUSLY.